Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Reading

This is what's on my nightstand for February. I've scaled back the number of books this month because I'm Beta reading a friend's manuscript and I have to be realistic about time.

The first is Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor. I've been wanting to read this YA fantasy for months now. Thanks to my friend Karena, I have my very own copy!

I'm also excited to read Dante's Divine Comedy. Lately, I've been feeling a longing to go "back to my roots." In my college days, all I read was the heavy stuff. The stuff you have to analyze to understand. The real uppity, high-hanging fruit, so to speak. This will take me back there. 

In fact, I've been missing college itself lately (as much as I never thought I'd say that.) The other day I went back to my campus to run an errand. I people-watched the students going from class to class, socializing, engaged in smart conversations. What I felt was nothing short of pure envy. I was a fraction of an inch close to grabbing a student by the shoulders and saying, "You will NEVER get these days back! You may hate it right now--the tests and papers--but just love it." Even now I feel a pin-prick in my chest thinking about it. Maybe I should go back to school. I love the university setting. But I digress. 

What's on your nightstand this month?

January Reading

I completed my January reading goal! Well, I finished the last book today, but I'm still counting it.