Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rejection Letters: Nice Reminders to Keep On Going

I received a rejection letter from an agent today. It was from one of the four agents I met at a conference back in September. 

Coming out of the "pitch slam" I was walking on sunshine. (A "pitch slam" is basically speed dating for authors and agents. You've got three minutes to pitch your work. If they want to know more they give you a business card and request pages or the whole manuscript.) The reason I was so light and happy is because all four of the agents I met loved my pitch and wanted to know more about my book. 

Today I heard back from one of those four. She didn't like it. To be exact, she "didn't fall in love with the pages as she had hoped." Ouch. This was an agent I wasn't planning on hearing back from anyway since I sent her the pages months ago. Would it have been better not to hear from her at all?

No way! (Activate personal pep talk.)

One rejection letter doesn't make something a failure. It's a bit of an owie, like maybe a pin prick, but it's certainly not a stabbing knife. My story is worth more than the hurt of a pin prick. In fact, that shot in the arm is just what I need to get going on my book again, which has lovingly been placed on the back burner these past few months.

Getting a book published is a labor of love. And so I labor on. 

My dear characters. I LOVE my characters. They are real people to me with personalities, desires, motives, quirks. Getting others to love them...that is my goal.

So I will look at my first ten pages again and see if I can't make them more "lovable."

And I know I can.