Monday, March 17, 2014


So I'm going to out myself as a complete SQUARE here--and even more so for using that term--but I have to make a retraction for my readers. (Most of whom have probably abandoned ship for the lack of material in three plus months.)

Back in the post where I listed my Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time, there is one that has fallen off my list. That is to say, I don't know if it ever belonged on there. The movie Amelie showed up on Netflix so I was eager to watch it. This whole time I had been thinking it was one of those "soft Rs." WRONG! There is so much inappropriate stuff that I found myself cringing, hoping nobody had taken my recommendation. I apologize if you did. To be fair to myself, it was the only movie on my list that I hadn't actually seen in 10 years. Apparently my brain was in a different place at that time. Yes, the love story is cute and the characters quirky, but not enough to warrant a spot on my Top Ten. 

For a movie to be in my Top Ten, it has to represent a small part of my personality. I have to be able to watch it again and again and NEVER tire of it. All the other movies fit that category (except for Inception, which I have only seen once.)

That said, I'd like to replace it with another favorite. One that I have seen dozens of times and will still watch again. So here you have it, I replace it with the squeaky clean, and oh-so-loveable The Sound of Music. I love Julie Andrews, by the way. Isn't she the epitome of classy?

Another little factoid. When I was little, I played the part of "Gretl" in the Pleasant Grove High School production of The Sound of Music. Good memories. 

Question: Am I the only one this has happened to? Have you ever been shocked by something you once loved? Any other squares out there?